Mold Remediation Service in Alpine CA

The mold remediation service provided by the Gold Coast Flood specialists are effective and guaranteed.

Mold remediation service Alpine CAMold is a part of nature. Mold spores take a natural presence in our household and workspace. In Alpine, mold inside buildings is a common occurrence.

Mold spores are the reproductive part of mold or fungus that cause allergic reactions. Mold and fungi reproduce by giving off huge numbers of mold spores into the air, similar to plants releasing pollen. When airborne mold spores settle on organic matter, new mold clusters are grown.

When mold is present inside your home or work environment, the best thing to do is call us for professional mold remediation service. If not safely removed, mold spores can spread from one area of your building to another.

A top quality mold remediation service will take preventative steps to contain  the infected areas in order to avoid contaminating other parts of your home or office.

Proper containment will isolate the affected areas from the unaffected areas to prevent cross contamination.  Proper containment must be used with HEPA filtered negative air machines to ensure no cross contamination happens during mold removal.  All technicians are rigorously trained on the use of personal protective equipment to protect themselves during the mold remediation process.

A proper mold remediation service uses specialty equipment and safety protocol steps to redirect mold spores outside of the building.

Most mold removal services just remove the mold. They don’t repair the damage to your home caused by the mold removal process. They either leave it for you to deal with or they subcontract with a small remodeling company (often unlicensed and uninsured handy-men) to complete your repairs. Our goal at Gold Coast Flood is to remediate your mold problem correctly and quickly so you can get back to your life with the least amount of disruption possible.

Mold and mildew growth is obvious when it grows in bathrooms along tile grout in shower stalls. However, mold also can grow in:

  • Closets and storerooms.
  • Foam pillows.
  • Refrigerator door gaskets.
  • Self-defrosting refrigerator water pans.
  • Refrigerator cooling coils.
  • Under-sink cabinets.
  • Room air conditioner units.
  • Washing machines.
  • Dryer vents.
  • Garbage cans.
  • Basements.
  • Carpets.
  • Sheetrock and wallboard.

When mold spores are present in large quantities, they pose a major health hazard to humans. If you have any inclination that you have mold growing in your home and you or your family have been suffering from allergic reactions and/or respiratory problems it is time for a professional mold inspection by one of our mold remediation specialists. Call us TODAY!